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I get to be part of the book!

If you haven’t heard! MplsArt Sketchbook Project is a collection of over 70 local artist who get to sketch or paint two pages of an epic sketch book that will be selling copies of the original on Kickstarter as of March 1st. This was a brainchild of MplsArt to create press and some much-needed funds for artist during the pandemic. All proceeds of the book sale go to the artists.

They will be having an opening at Gamut Gallery on the 18th of March and will be showing through April 9th for 30 or more of the artists whose art is in the book. They will be showing the original sketch books. I’m excited to say I will be one of those artists! I will have an 18″x24″ that I did especially for this event for sale there. All art for sale by artists will be for sale at 500 and under.

I also wanted to give a shout out to MplsArt! Founded in 2005, MPLSART has been covering the best local exhibitions, artists, galleries, and more for over a decade. The Minneapolis and St. Paul arts community has long been hailed as one of the best in the nation and they work tirelessly to showcase the hard work of this amazing community as well as strive to create a more sustainable arts scene for all. Go Subscribe to them for awesome updates!

Links to the MplsArt Sketchbook Project, Mpls Art, and Gamut Gallery below!

MplsArt Sketchbook Project

To buy the book on Kickstarter!


Gamut Gallery

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