Dang oh bio!

Hello all!

I’m Micah Savage. Most of the love of all things art I picked up from my parents. My family is rich with a heritage of artistic ideals. I’m not sure if this is how I was strongly interested therefore, or if it’s just something I’ve always felt I had to do! I’ve been drawing pretty much since I can remember, but I really started to find my art when I found abstract painting… Well abstract art in general. I don’t really have the space for sculpture, but if I did, I’m pretty sure I would fill it up with some weird stuff.

Thanks for taking the time to look me up! I hope you like what you see! If not, well, that’s art. Feel free to write me an email filled with righteous indignation for the moments of life you won’t get back having wasted them looking for meaning in something. If you like it however, hit me up and hopefully you can come see it for real, or just buy it, and have it!

Micah and his lovely wife Whitney live in the misty mountains of Minnesota with their lovely dog and mangy cat.

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